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LifeStreet empowers the world's leading app and game developers on Mobile, Facebook, and Web to monetize their display & video ad inventory at scale. With $35 million invested in the LifeStreet Publisher Platform, our premium direct demand competes in real-time with 10,000+ programmatic advertisers, producing unprecedented value for publishers.

"LifeStreet has become a key partner in helping us monetize our web traffic. They have a solid UI, a great team, and are able to monetize across almost every geo. We look forward to many more successful years together!"


"LifeStreet is a great addition to our ad publishing partners. The great eCPMs we get from their traffic are matched only by their great customer service, which is the best we've ever dealt with."

Game Circus

"LifeStreet is the top performing Facebook approved ad provider when it comes to monetizing large display inventories. When relevant, LifeStreet does think outside of the box to secure win-win opportunities and gradually has become one of our top ad providers."

Pretty Simple

"LifeStreet is hands-down the best social advertising company we have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Not only do they provide CPMs far exceeding the competition, their customer service is by far the most responsive and professional out there."

Lee Kuo, Kudos Media

"We've seen firsthand the rapid growth of LifeStreet's mobile RTB business and the strength of their platform. LifeStreet has quickly emerged as one of the world's largest programmatic buyers of mobile in-app advertising."

Jim Payne CEO, MoPub

"LifeStreet has proven to be a valuable monetization partner for the Doodle Jump titles. We've made a lot of money with them, integration to their system was a breeze and they're quick to respond to all inquiries. All in, they've been a great advertising partner for us."

Matt Turetzky, Chief Operating Officer, Lima Sky, 
publisher of the Doodle Jump games

"Working with LifeStreet to monetize our mobile apps has been a very positive experience. They deliver top payouts, and the integration process within our proprietary mediation platform was very straightforward. Their customer support has been top notch and very helpful. Being able to access real-time data anytime and getting paid so quickly have been real bonuses."

Pat Toulouse, President, Ratrod Studio, 
creator Drift Mania Championship games

"East Side Games has been using LifeStreet's social publisher portal for almost two years, and we're delighted with the results. We've generated top payouts for our ad inventory, and working with the company has been great. In short, we've been happy with both the monetization results and the experience of working with LifeStreet. Mobile publishers should be thrilled to be gaining access to this powerful app monetization tool."

Jonathan Chew, Analyst, East Side Games Studio

"LifeStreet has been a key partner of ours for several years now monetizing our mobile traffic and powering high-quality user acquisition across platforms. Whenever product or technical challenges have arisen, their platform has been very flexible and their team highly responsive in finding the right solution. Most recently, we tested their platform to monetize our Facebook canvas inventory — and we’re glad we did! Their solution was easy to implement and added a significant new revenue stream."

Philipp Stelzer, Team Lead Live Ops