LifeStreet Media October 24, 2013
LifeStreet Media press release

LifeStreet Media Launches RevJet Mobile Real-Time Bidding Platform

Mobile RTB Platform Available for General Release; Company Emerges As One Of World's Largest Programmatic Buyers of Mobile In-App Advertising

SAN CARLOS, Calif., October 24, 2013LifeStreet Media, a leader in Facebook and mobile in-app advertising, today announced the general release of the RevJet Mobile RTB Platform. This expands the company's footprint into real-time bidding ("RTB"), one of the fastest-growing segments of online display advertising, projected by eMarketer to account for over $3.34 billion of 2013 U.S. ad spend. With today's general release, LifeStreet now transacts via RTB through all major mobile exchanges and ad serving platforms, including MoPub, Google AdMob, Smaato, Nexage, and Mobclix among others.

LifeStreet's RevJet Mobile RTB Platform gained substantial traction in the marketplace during beta testing, and is already transacting on a very large scale. "We've seen firsthand the rapid growth of LifeStreet's mobile RTB business and the strength of their RevJet platform," said Jim Payne, CEO of MoPub, the world's largest mobile ad server and RTB exchange and a LifeStreet Mobile RTB beta partner. "LifeStreet has quickly emerged as one of the world's largest programmatic buyers of mobile in-app advertising."

Entering the RTB market positions LifeStreet's mobile advertising business for continued growth and will directly benefit the company's advertising and publishing customers. Advertisers benefit from increased access to supply, while mobile publishers benefit from higher fill rates and significantly improved pricing for their inventory.

Real-time bidding, an evolution of digital advertising that provides impression-level buying and pricing efficiency, auctions off advertising impressions on a one-by-one basis in real-time as users interact with a site. According to IDC, real-time bidding will become the fastest growing segment of digital advertising, growing at 59 percent annually. Between 2010 and 2012 advertising spending on electronic auction-based exchanges grew from $733 million to $2 billion, and is estimated to reach $13.9 billion by 2016. eMarketer projects that RTB will capture one in five US digital display advertising dollars this year.

LifeStreet was founded to commercialize a new kind of advertising technology to make display ads generate more revenue. The company invented "universal object serving technology," which enables perpetual iterative high velocity testing of all digitally instantiated ‘objects' that impact ad revenue, whether ‘visual objects' or ‘logical objects.' For example, RevJet tests and optimizes tens of thousands of ad treatments involving numerous permutations of visual objects, ranging from background color to images, layouts, shapes and more. Similarly, RevJet executes high volume testing and optimization of critically important logical objects which, while not visible to the naked eye, exert significant impact on ad revenue. RevJet perpetually tests and optimizes these revenue-impacting logical objects, such as campaign selection algorithms and real-time bidding rule-sets -- all at high velocity -- thereby causing ad impressions to produce more revenue. This process of rapidly testing and improving objects actually increases the value of ad impressions, enabling LifeStreet to deliver higher payouts for supply partners and publishers and more effective campaigns for demand partners and advertisers. Real-time bidding is a natural extension of the RevJet platform because the granularity of RTB provides an ideal venue for revenue enhancement via perpetual iterative high velocity testing.

"We've become a leader in the highly competitive world of display advertising because of the power of our RevJet platform to increase the revenue yields of ad impressions," said Mitchell Weisman, founder and CEO of LifeStreet Media. "With the release of the RevJet Mobile RTB Platform, we capitalize on the intersection of two of the biggest opportunities in digital advertising today: RTB and mobile. Given the stellar growth of RTB and programmatic buying, we're absolutely thrilled to extend RevJet's optimization and monetization power to even more advertisers and publishers through these dynamic marketplaces."

LifeStreet has completed 350 million customer app installs and has paid out more than $170 million in ad revenues to publishers. The company processes 70 billion monthly impressions.

About LifeStreet Media
LifeStreet Media is a leader in global in-app advertising for Facebook, Apple (iOS) and Android developers. LifeStreet's RevJet optimization platform is built upon the world's first universal object server and is the product of a $25+ million software development investment. RevJet applies Iterative High Velocity Testing to any digital revenue driver, ranging from visual objects such as ads and landing pages to logical objects such as trafficking decisions and revenue maximization algorithms. RevJet is producing breakthrough monetization levels and extraordinarily high volumes of new customers for social and mobile advertisers, publishers, demand and supply partners and app developers alike. LifeStreet reaches 500 million social and mobile app users monthly, has driven over 350 million app installs or deeper conversion events, and has paid out $170 million in ad revenue to publishers. The company was named one of the 500 fastest growing private companies in America by Inc. Magazine and is headquartered in San Carlos, California with offices in Moscow, Odessa, Kiev and Riga. For more information, please visit: