Introducing StreetSmart:
Technology for Savvy Advertisers
Built from the ground up with an investment of $30 million, StreetSmart™ has one mission: to get you the highest-possible return on your ad spend. In addition to programmatically optimizing to your company’s unique KPIs, the platform reveals hidden opportunities and performance insights – allowing you to scale your campaigns efficiently. StreetSmart™ is a comprehensive technology platform combining four key elements:

1. Smarter Demand Side Platform

StreetSmart™ optimizes to life-time user values while constantly testing powerful decisioning algorithms. Our proprietary Universal Object Serving technology enables simultaneous testing of multiple revenue drivers – modeling and serving each as individual objects. All algorithms, placements, and buying decisions are continually tested to maximize post-install performance. The demand side platform also offers direct access to inventory from thousands of app developers and integrates with every major exchange, reaching the majority of app users across the globe.

2. Robust Data Management Platform

The StreetSmart™ DMP evaluates billions of data points to create meaningful custom audience segments. While protecting users’ and advertisers’ privacy, we analyze each group’s impact on downstream campaign performance. These data signals fuel our DSP’s powerful prediction engine, resulting in even more efficient buying decisions.

3. Next-Generation Creative Suite

Our creative suite unlocks tremendous value from your campaigns. LifeStreet’s creative teams apply a human touch while using powerful, cutting-edge tools to efficiently author and test rich media, video and HTML5 creative. We then optimize these beautiful, brand-safe ads to attract the most valuable users for any given campaign.

4. Rich Analytics & Real-Time Reporting

Our world-class Analytics platform packages campaign information into easy-to-understand dashboards. Providing full app-level transparency into performance and the amount of inventory available, StreetSmart™ exposes new opportunities to grow. Users also have the flexibility to slice and dice the data to find deeper insights – either within the console or exported into a pivot table. This combination of features empowers advertisers to quickly identify value, adjust pricing, and achieve scale.

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