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LifeStreet empowers the world’s leading mobile app developers to monetize apps at scale. We maximize rates for app developers by offering unprecedented value to advertisers, and our effectiveness with advertisers translates into higher payouts for publishers. The better ads perform within your apps, the more money you earn. LifeStreet delivers:

High rates & fast payouts

Because we know getting paid fast is important, we make weekly payments in the currency of your choice. We are able to pay the highest rates to app developers due to:

  Thousands of advertisers competing for your ad space

  Powerful platform that optimizes creative for your app’s inventory

Flexibility to match your business

Traditional app monetization – forcing a 3rd party SDK with obscured methods of buying – is outdated. Our approach offers:

  Your choice of integration: open-source SDK, native no-code integration with popular mediators or API

  Customized buying: from high-fill, worldwide expansive buys for revenue maximization to selective highly targeted buys for CPM optimization

  Real-time reporting with visibility into advertisers and ad revenue

True partnership

Our publisher partners can rely on our:

  Seven years of experience working with app developers

  Best-in-class support to help you make valuable performance-based decisions

  Trusted expertise and commitment to keep your best interests at heart

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