Tap into the world's leading social media ad exchange for Facebook in-app ad inventory

Maximize demand, maximize revenue

LifeStreet Exchange combines the power of LifeStreet's proprietary advertiser demand with real-time bidding (RTB)-based demand from 10,000+ additional advertisers. The result: you gain access to demand sources often unavailable for small-to-mid-size Facebook app publishers.

Trying to decide between proprietary demand and RTB-based demand sources? Get the best of both worlds. As a publisher with LifeStreet Media, you automatically benefit from both demand types.

  • Proprietary LifeStreet Advertiser Demand
    Access thousands of high-performing ads available only through LifeStreet. Using LifeStreet Media's proprietary universal object serving technology, LifeStreet's $25 million RevJet Revenue Maximization Engine creates, auditions and optimizes thousands of ads which compete to maximize revenue for your ad space.
  • Real-Time Bidding Demand
    Benefit from having an additional 10,000+ advertisers — over and above LifeStreet’s thousands of direct advertisers — bid in real-time on your ad space through the LifeStreet Exchange.

Sign up as a publisher with LifeStreet Media today, and let the world compete for your ad space.

LifeStreet Exchange, or LSX, is the leading social media ad exchange for Facebook in-app inventory