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Profitable LifeStreet spins out ad tech startup, moves to San Francisco

October 29, 2014
LifeStreet Media, the profitable company that sells ads inside of mobile and Facebook applications, is spinning out a startup that will market the technology that has been the foundation of its success.

LifeStreet Media launches RevJet Mobile Real-Time Bidding Platform

October 28, 2013
Advertising technology company LifeStreet Media has announced the launch of its RevJet Mobile Real-Time Bidding (RTB) Platform.

LifeStreet Media brings its RevJet ad platform to mobile real-time bidding

October 24, 2013
Fast ad testing, meet real-time bidding. Ad technology firm LifeStreet Media announced today that it'’'s entering the mobile real-time bidding (RTB) space.

Ready or not, real-time bidding is revolutionizing mobile advertising

October 24, 2013
Although 4.5 percent of media consumption in the U.S. occurs on mobile devices, this only translates into 1.7 percent of media ad spend.

Lifestreet, Facebook's Biggest In-App Ad Network, Expands To Mobile Platforms

August 26, 2013
Lifestreet, which raised $66 million in capital as Facebook's biggest in-app advertiser last year, is expanding to mobile platforms.

LifeStreet Media expands app-monetization efforts beyond Facebook

August 26, 2013
LifeStreet Media carved a nice niche for itself in the Facebook application ecosystem, with more than 3,500 developers using its self-service publisher portal to add display adds to their apps.

LifeStreet Goes After Mobile Developers

August 26, 2013
LifeStreet, an in-app advertising platform that claims to have more than 3,500 Facebook developers using its product, is going after a bigger slice of mobile with its new self-service publisher portal.

LifeStreet expands from Facebook advertising, offers ad platform to mobile devs

August 26, 2013
Leading Facebook in-app advertiser Lifestreet has announced a new self-service portal to enable mobile developers to serve performance-based display ads within their apps.

Facebook in-app advertising giant LifeStreet expands to mobile

August 26, 2013
LifeStreet Media is extending its self-service publisher portal from the Facebook platform to mobile, enabling developers to deploy display ads within their iOS and Android applications.

LifeStreet selected as AlwaysOn Global 250 Winner

July 17, 2013
LifeStreet Media has been awarded a spot on the AlwaysOn Global 250, named alongside the likes of Box, Twitter, Uber, Foursquare, Path, Square, Dropbox, Evernote, and others.

3 challenges in mobile ad monetization – and 3 ways to solve them

June 14, 2013
Although 4.5 percent of media consumption in the U.S. occurs on mobile devices, this only translates into 1.7 percent of media ad spend.

6 cost-effective ways to acquire more app users

June 12, 2013
Stealthy LifeStreet Media, which raised a large $66 million round last year, is eager to boast about the performance of its social and mobile advertising platform.

LifeStreet Media pays out more than $150M ad revenue to devs, powers 300M ad conversions

March 7, 2013
Stealthy LifeStreet Media, which raised a large $66 million round last year, is eager to boast about the performance of its social and mobile advertising platform.

Facebook App Ecosystem Year in Review

January 29, 2013
Facebook is announcing its Q4 2012 earnings on Wednesday, which seems like a perfect opportunity to reflect on the major trends and developments that impacted the Facebook app ecosystem in the last year.

Report: Facebook App Downloads, Usage Spike on New Year's Day

January 7, 2013
Global marketing and digital advertising company LifeStreet Media tracked downloads and usage of Facebook applications during the period between Christmas Day and New Year's...

LifeStreet Media pays developers more than $125 million in ad revenues

Nov 8, 2012
Advertising technology company LifeStreet Media today announced its mobile advertising revenue is growing at an annualized rate in excess of 250 percent...

Top Emerging Mobile Monetization Strategies: You Need More Than One

Oct 29, 2012
In recent years, the mobile world has undergone a profound revolution with the arrival of new platforms, devices and marketplaces.

LifeStreet Media: Making Ads That Work

Aug 20, 2012
Despite the fact that Lifestreet is in social media and apps, its worth is not based on a jargon-fueled valuation, buoyed by advertising technology's ebuillent army of publicists. LifeStreet is making ads that work for brands.

8 Ways Mobile Developers Can Make The Most Money On Their Apps

Jul 8, 2012
Have a mobile app? Wondering if advertising can help you make money from that app? Here are eight must-know tips to help you turn mobile app inventory into dollars.

LifeStreet, Flush With $66 Million, Sees More to ‘Life’ Than Driving App Installs

May 31, 2012
LifeStreet Media has, to this point in its trajectory, been focused on driving app installs through mobile and social ad placements.

The case for in-app advertising

May 4, 2012
In-app advertising has been around for a few years now, but a funding announcement from one leader in the space may have more advertisers taking note.

Private equity deals

May 4, 2012
LifeStreet Media, a San Carlos, Calif.-based developer of in-app advertising optimization solutions for Facebook, Apple and Android developers, has raised $66 million in equity funding from Nautic Partners.

Facebook In-App Ad Developer LifeStreet Media Secures $66M Equity Investment

May 3, 2012
LifeStreet Media, creator of the RevJet platform for in-application advertising for Facebook, Apple (iOS), and Android developers, announced a $66 million equity investment by Nautic Partners.

LifeStreet Media Closes $66 Million Financing to Reign Supreme Over Facebook and Mobile In-App Advertising

May 3, 2012
What if there was a company that had paid mobile and social app publishers more than $100 million in ad revenue and driven 200 million app downloads to date but almost no one knew about it?

LifeStreet Media raises $66 million

May 3, 2012
LifeStreet Media, a San Carlos social networking and mobile digital advertising sales platform, has taken a $66 million equity investment from Nautic Partners both to grow the company and cash out other investors.

Stealthy LifeStreet Media nabs $66M for awesomesauce Facebook, mobile in-app ads

May 3, 2012
You've likely never heard of LifeStreet Media, even though the company has paid Facebook and mobile developers over $100 million in advertising revenue, and driven more than 200 million app installs.

In-App Advertising Company LifeStreet Media Raises $66M

May 3, 2012
A 6-year-old company that sells advertising for Facebook and mobile apps has secured a $66 million funding round, a sign that a gold rush for startups looking to innovate in the apps economy is under way.